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Mon Oct 31, 2011
Tracker 2011-06: Recommendation Strategy for EMC Metals Corp

Evaluations of Nyngan scandium and Springer tungsten projects.
Thu Oct 13, 2011
Tracker 2011-05: Is Probe's Borden Lake gold discovery the encore to Osisko's takeout of Brett's Hammond Reef?

Probe's new Borden Lake gold discovery is shaping up as a low grade bulk tonnage open-pittable scenario without the grade smearing that underpins heftier priced Ontario-Quebec multi-million ounce wonders.
Tue Sep 27, 2011
Tracker 2011-04: Recommendation Strategy for Chesapeake Gold Corp

Updated after tax NPV sensitivity analysis for Metates with discussion of GDP linked interpretation of gold and silver price trends.
Mon Sep 19, 2011
Tracker 2011-03: Recommendation Strategy for Peregrine Diamonds Ltd

Implications of 2011 field season results.
Wed Apr 13, 2011
Tracker 2011-02: Updated Strange Lake resource estimate highlights high grade pegmatite spine

Updated resource estimate for BZone reveals high grade starter pit.
Sun Feb 27, 2011
Tracker 2011-01: Recommendation Strategy for Empire Mining Corp

Upgrade of Empire from a bottom-fish buy based on an Albanian chromite security of supply story to a spec value buy based on the emerging bluesky from the copper-gold-silver Bursa discovery play in Turkey.
Sun Nov 28, 2010
Tracker 2010-18: Spanish Mountain PEA confirms project as leveraged bet on gold

Spanish Mountain delivers PEA which sets the stage for further work.
Thu Nov 18, 2010
Tracker 2010-17: Korean moly producer with growth by acquisition ambitions

Now why would anybody recommend as a bottom-fish buy a junior about to do a 5:1 rollback?
Thu Nov 11, 2010
Tracker 2010-16: Alumina security of supply with a scandium twist

Unusual alumina clay deposit may be commercially exploitable if a recovery process developed in-house works at the pilot plant scale.
Mon Nov 8, 2010
Tracker 2010-15: Scandium - neither fraudium nor scamium and unobtainium for not much longer

Here is a bottom-fish with a game plan that will have a high impact on the world and thus its stock price.
Mon Nov 1, 2010
Tracker 2010-14: Malaga recommended as a core proxy for the tungsten sector

Rising tungsten prices and a Chinese cleanup of own mines rise security of supply issues for tungsten users.
Thu Oct 28, 2010
Tracker 2010-13: Largest known Quest shareholder suspected of being a hostile seller

Reviews concepts the mainstream media does not yet get about the "rare earth bubble" and explores a theory as to why Quest as a persistent seller.
Tue Oct 26, 2010
Tracker 2010-12: Eudialyte metallurgical breakthrough turns Matamec's Kipawa into a contender

Matamec's cracking of the eudialyte silica gel problem under the supervision of metallurgist Les Heymann is a huge brekathrough for the viability of Kipawa as a non-Chinese source of rare earths that included the heavies China is predicted to run out of in 15-20 years.
Mon Oct 18, 2010
Tracker 2010-11: Tepal PEA indicates substantial upside for Geologix

Sensitivity analysis using PEA parameters shows substantial upside potential using current metal prices, and tremendous leverage to higher copper and gold prices.
Sun Oct 3, 2010
Tracker 2010-10: Quest PEA delivers strong numbers even with a 25% gross revenue separation charge

An effort to recrunch the Strange Lake PEA using a "separation charge" and zero recovery for niobium and zirconium.
Tue Sep 28, 2010
Tracker 2010-09: Bear Lodge PEA utilizes conservative REO price assumptions at odds with current reality

Bear Lodge comes in at $213 million after-tax NPV at 10% but REO price assumptions appear overly conservative.
Thu Sep 9, 2010
Tracker 2010-08: Robust Strange Lake PEA leaves Quest market gaping

Quest's PEA for Strange Lake looks very robust despite a flaw in the pricing used for the rare earth oxide output.
Mon Sep 6, 2010
Tracker 2010-07: Report on August 24, 2010 Site Visit to Chidliak Diamond Project on Baffin Island

In terms of development and exploration logistics, south Baffin Island beats other Arctic regions hands down.
Thu Aug 12, 2010
Tracker 2010-06: Quest metallurgical study indicates high recoveries for straightforward flow-sheet

Hazen met study reveals high recoveries for BZone.
Fri Jun 25, 2010
Tracker 2010-05: Avalon's Nechalacho PFS should be a joy for end users to behold

Avalon's prefeasibility study for Nechalacho may not impress traditional mining companies and their institutional audiences who are trapped by the dictates of "economic logic", but for end-users who have the privilege of thinking in terms of "strategic logic" the PFS is a signal to roll up their sleeves and get serious about solving the rare earth supply problem.
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